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Crimped Wire Mesh
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Crimped Wire Mesh wire diameter: thin crimped wire mesh wire diameter generally in the 0.5mm-2.0mm, thick crimped wire mesh can be 5mm-22mm range. Crimped Wire Mesh Features: structure beautiful and durable. Crimped Wire Mesh Weaving: a first pre-bent into a wave-shaped metal wire woven. Woven into locked-shaped, bi-directional plain weave, single wave weave, knit two-way flat, two-way wave weaving, knitting rectangular hole. Crimped Wire Mesh Uses: Widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, machinery accessories, protective net, packing net, wire meshes, mesh grill, sintering furnace with a net, mesh hardware, arts and crafts with the network, vibration mesh, mesh basket, food machinery with a net, wall net, cooking with a net, food, highways, railways, infrastructure with a network.



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